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How to apply

Who can apply

This program is open to international students. If you are or once a citizen of Taiwan, Mainland China, or hold a residency in Hong Kong and Macau, you may want to review the "Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to confirm your eligibility.

About the tuition fees

Tuition fees are assessed in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD). Invoices for each semester are accessible on the Bank of Taiwan website. For graduate students, separate invoices may be issued for each credit taken. Additional fees and charges may encompass fees for National Health Insurance (NHI), amenities, and accommodation costs. The census date will be noted in the remarks section of the invoice. 

Primary expenses for the Program per semester may include:

  • Tuition fee:  NTD 21,480

  • Credit fee: NTD 3,060 per credit

  • International students National Health Insurance: NTD 4,956 

  • Single Room on-campus housing
    -Accommodation NTD 9,500
    -Utility charges NTD 500
    -Deposit NTD 2,000

  • Double suite on-campus housing
    -Accommodation NTD 10,700-16,050
    -Utility charges NTD 500
    -Deposit NTD 2,000

  • Off-campus housing
    -You'll find housing outside NDHU for an average of NTD 3,000 to NTD 8,000 per month. This amount will not be included in the receipt.

When to apply

Applications are open from January to April, with study commencing in early September. 

Apply directly

Go online and complete your application through the Office of International Affairs(OIA), NDHU

International Admissions Division​

T: +866 3 890 5112


Delayed commencement

Make sure to apply for delayed commencement  explaining why you cannot enroll on time due to unforeseen circumstances and attach relevant proof. Upon approval of retaining admission qualification, entry may be deferred for up to one year without paying tuition or miscellaneous fees. Students must submit their application to NDHU one month prior to the registration date of the returning semester to receive admission notification for registration, otherwise, their admission qualification will be cancelled.

Registry Division​

T: +866 3 890 6115


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