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Internship in Taiwan for Graduate Students


International students, and overseas Chinese students in Taiwan who do not have household registration who meet any of the criteria listed below and have obtained an approval document from the institute where they propose to undertake the internship shall submit their application for a postgraduate internship to the university two months prior to the expiry of their residence permit at the latest.


Overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong and Macao, and international students who will be eligible for a Master’s degree (or higher) in their graduation semester, and who have never withdrawn from study during the period of their academic studies.​

Condition for internship organization

  1. Domestic enterprises, and overseas Chinese and foreign direct investment companies that have had a revenue of at least NTD10 million for the most recent year, or newly‐established such enterprises and companies that have a capital of at
    least NTD5 million.

  2. A Taiwan branch company of a foreign company that has an annual revenue of at least NTD10 million, or a newly‐established Taiwan branch of a foreign company that has a working capital of at least NTD5 million.

  3. Taiwan offices of foreign that have procurement records amounting to at least USD1 million. Taiwan offices of financial service providers are not subject to this restriction.

  4. A Free Trade Zone business as designated in Article 3, Subparagraph 2, of the Act for the Establishment and Management of Free Trade Zones.

  5. A juridical person delegated by the competent industry authority that has had business expenditure of at least NTD5 million in the most recent year.

  6. Foreign Chambers of Commerce.

  7. Enterprises, juridical persons, or institutions that provide off‐campus internship programs for college students or that have signed industry‐academic cooperation contracts.

  8. Major training hospitals under the Program of the General Medical Training Hospital that have been authorized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare .

How to apply

The university or college shall submit an application for approval of the internship to the Ministry of Education(MOE), along with the following material:

  1. Application statement.

  2. List of the overseas Chinese students, students from Hong Kong and Macao, and international students who have applied for an internship.

  3. Application form for Graduating Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Hong Kong and Macao, and International Students for an Internship in Taiwan; their full academic transcript; and a written agreement from the internship organization where the student plans to undertake the internship.

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