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Payments and refunds

How to pay?

Tuition fees are charged in New Taiwan Dollars(NTD). Invoices for each semester are available on Bank of Taiwan website. They are only available before you pay your fees. The census date will be indicated in the remarks section of the invoice. 


In addition to tuition fees, there may be separate invoices for each credit taken (NT 3,060), depending on the number of courses you have selected. 

Other fees and charges

All other fees and charges are paid in New Taiwan Dollars(NTD). These fees and charges might include:

  • National Health Insurance(NHI)

  • Amenities fee

  • Accommodation cost


Ask Registry Division for further information and assistance:

T: +886 3 890 6116


Request a payment extension

If you're unable to finalize your payment by the census date, you can apply for a payment extension. Go to NDHU fee overview and make sure you pay in time without you enrollment being canceled.


You can get the refund upon receiving NDHU International Student Scholarship for full/partly fee waiver.

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